Business Development Series - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Mishawaka Business Association is presenting a series of short, hands-on business classes in which busy business owners can participate in an environment of accomplishment during the session…the first of which will be SEO – Search Engine Optimization.


  • SEO is short for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP)— including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
  • Optimizing Visibility in Search Engines
  • It is common practice for  internet search users to not click through pages and pages of search results, so where a site ranks in a search results page is essential for directing more traffic toward the site. The higher a website naturally ranks in organic results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user.
  • SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine. SEO is typically a set of “white hat” best practices that webmasters and Web content producers follow to help them achieve a better ranking in search engine results.
  • Optimizing Search CTR
  • SEO is also about making your search engine result relevant to the user's search query so more people click the result when it is shown in search. In this process, snippets of text and meta data are optimized to ensure your snippet of information is appealing in the context of the search query to obtain a high CTR (click through rate)from search results.
  • SEO may also be called search engine optimizer when using automated tools to assist with the optimization process.
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About our presenter:  Brenton Abram-Copenhaver is the founder of BACroom Blogs – Creative Content Writing Services.  As a content writer, his work is infinitely varied and endlessly intriguing.  He provides written content for a wide range of industries, companies and services:  From current events and political news stories to marketing white papers, press releases and tech articles, to gear reviews and informational E-books.  The end products created are SEO optimized blog articles and landing page content, which serve to boost websites ranking for search engines, like Google – but, the true passion that drives BACroom Blogs is a love and hunger for knowledge and facts. 
Many small business owners are not aware of the crucial extent to which SEO practice plays a role in their businesses online success and productivity.  Over the next 18 months, the aim of BACroom Blogs is to enable more locally owned and remote businesses and publication services to maximize their volume of online viewership by implementing SEO optimized landing page and blog content into their company’s website.
By implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practice; academic and journalistic research standards; and story narrative expertise, BACroom Blogs engage and inform a wide range of audiences through an unwavering focus on fact, story and social prevalence.

The 1st installment will be held at the Mishawaka Public Library Wednesday, October 25th, between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. You will only need to bring the website name and password to access your website during the training.  Brenton will explain the importance of SEO and instruct you on how to work with your software to maximize your website’s potential.  Seats are limited and this session is available to MBA members for $10.  All non-MBA members are welcome to attend, but the fee is $25. 

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